When you choose eyesTravel, one of the most experienced laser eye surgery providers, you’ll know exactly what to expect in every step of the way. That also includes costs of your surgery. We put our patients at the heart of everything we do. And we also understand that while you still want freedom from your glasses and lenses very much, there may be pressure on your budget.

Price for laser eye surgery has never been as affordable.

Prices shown below are fixed and all-inclusive, regardless of your prescription. Giving You a realistic idea of what it’s likely to cost, right from the very beginning. No trick, no hidden fees. We are already cheapest and the most advanced Ophthalmological clinic in Europe. Our clinics already took care of more than 300 000 patients in 6 clinics in 2 countries. Our price for laser eye surgery starts from 385 € per eye. It is possible to choice between PRK, LASEK or enhanced Super LASIK laser eye surgery methods, we call it iQ-Lasik. Our eye clinic recommends You to choose iQ-Lasik method for the laser eye surgery. It’s totally fail proof due to all experience we gained throughout the years. For our other services please check separate price list.

IQ-Lasik Package: Price:  Discount: Price:
1. Full Customer Service support and guidance, including: hotel and taxi service reservation. 110€ 100% FREE
2. Full diagnostics (Full diagnostic examination including all diagnostic examinations on ophthalmologic devices, examination of the bottom of the eye and the doctor’s consultation). Duration app. 2 hours.
Register for free diagnostic and watch how it is done in our clinic.
Diagnostic is made for free when You go for laser eye surgery.
40€ 0% 40€
3. LASER EYE SURGERY. Price per eye. Any method: LASIK, LASEK, SUPERLASIK and IQ-LASIK! 385€ 0% 385€
4. LASER EYE SURGERY (Class: Premium). Price per eye. iQ-Lasik OXYGEN! 420€ 0% 420€
5. Post-operative care for one year after the operation 100€ 100% FREE
6. Strengthening of the corrective effect for one year after the operation 300€ 100% FREE

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