Making laser eye surgery abroad is now easier than You can imagine. Simply follow these six steps and see the world without glasses!

  1. Choose a date
    – Try to choose exact date when You are planing to visit us.
    – We recommend You to check for the flight prices first, at least a month before the flight. On average, prices for return tickets are 120€.
    – You will need to spend at least two days in our country (1st day examination + surgery, 2nd day additional examination).
    – If You prefer to stay for more than two days (for tourism purposes), please read about restrictions after operation!
  2. Contact our Customer Service to confirm availability
    – Our Customer Service will register You on your desired date and send confirmation.
  3. Visitors’ plan
    – Our Customer Service will prepare scheduled visit plan with exact time and date where You should be.
    – Depending on Your wishes and stay duration we will prepare You special sightseeing plan.
  4. Visitors’ plan confirmation
    – Upon visit plan confirmation, Customer Service will calculate total travel cost including: laser eye surgery, hotel, meal, taxi and of course souvenirs!
  5. Buy tickets
  6. Inform our Customer Service about exact date and time of Your arrival
    – We will arrange reception in airport and taxi service for You.

You can check flight prices to Lithuania, Vilnius from your location by using this tool.